How to Become an iRun4Life School

If you are concerned about the rising rate of childhood obesity and want to help the children in your elementary school become active and healthy, then start an iRun4Life program today!

The primary goal of iRun4Life is to get kids moving and teaching them that exercise is fun and exciting so that they will make running part of their lives for years to come. The entire training program is turnkey; all the information you need can be downloaded through our website in the Director Program Information section. It's very easy!

Steps for a Parent Volunteer or Teacher to Start an iRun4Life Running Program:

  1. Meet with your school principal and ensure that there is a safe place to run. You can run on blacktop, grass, hills, paths—anywhere that is safe for the children. If space outside is an issue, children can always run in the school gym. Be creative!

  2. Choose a parent volunteer who will serve as the School Director. The School Director will organize and lead the iRun4Life program. They will also have direct access to the iRun4Life Board members and other School Directors for guidance.

  3. When you are ready to join, we will send the School Director an iRun4Life Agreement to sign. Once we receive your signed Agreement, we will send your login password which provides access to all the training materials you need to start your program.

  4. You should also start getting volunteer support and begin organizing your program. The more volunteers you have, the better your program will be. Volunteers can be parents, teachers, high school key club members, etc. They do not have to be runners to volunteer. Remember, it's all about exercising and having fun, so getting volunteers should  be easy!

  5. School Directors are part of our iRun4Life network and we are always there to help you with anything you need. Together, we are doing something wonderful for elementary school children by teaching them that leading a healthy lifestyle is forever!

“The race is not always to the swift, but to those who keep on running.”
– Anonymous