iRun4Life Kids Only 3k Results 2017

What a spectacular day.  The weather was perfect!  All the children came to prove to themselves and their parents that they were prepared to run a Kids Only 3K.  Watching all 765 children run their best was so exciting.

The overall winners are:

Wave One (4th - 6th grade)                                                          Wave Two (K - 3rd grade)

              Devon Sutton 6th grade 11:43                                                Anna McGrath 3rd grade 14:03

              Lucas Niland 6th grade 11:25                                                 Parker Smith 3rd grade 12:11

The course records are:

Devon Sutton 2017  11:43

Logan Campbell 2015  10:13

Congratulations to each and every child!

Here is the link to the results.

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